Westmont Entrance

Introduction & Mission

The Roger John Voskuyl Library holds more than 150,000 books, music scores, and media, and subscribes to over 100 databases and 30,000 online and print journals.

Voskuyl Learning Commons

The library is named after the third president of Westmont College and was built in 1968. Remodeled in 2010, the library features a learning commons, group study rooms, popular treadmill walking stations, and beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean.

Library Mission

Voskuyl Library fosters a culture of scholarly, spiritual, and personal growth by providing learning spaces, resources, and services to the Westmont community.

Library Vision

The Voskuyl Library employs innovative, skilled, and professional staff to promote academic, personal, and spiritual growth through our programming and services. We stay current in our field, incorporate new ideas for effective results, and contribute to Westmont and the larger community. We train and mentor student workers to make a meaningful contribution to the health of the library, and guide them in developing workplace skills for life after graduation. We are flexible and compassionate leaders, collaborators, and teachers who serve our community and demonstrate God’s love in all our interactions and endeavors.

The Voskuyl Library provides comfortable, welcoming, and safe spaces that encourage community, scholarship, and contemplation. These spaces accommodate the various ways our community members learn and engage with ideas. The library is a student-centered place where information is easily accessible, and where expert librarians and library staff support the community’s information needs. The Voskuyl Library acquires, provides, and promotes ready access to quality resources in a focused, understandable, and usable manner to students, faculty, staff, and the larger Westmont community. We support the diverse information needs of our community by providing access to a collection of resources that represent many voices and perspectives. As appropriate, we use emerging technology to better meet the information needs of our community.

The Voskuyl Library leads information literacy initiatives on campus and provides instruction and services to meet and support our community’s information needs. In particular, we equip students with knowledge and skills for lifelong learning. We teach students to form good practices and habits around information use, to read and think critically about information, and to engage with and contribute to our world’s ever-growing body of knowledge and ideas.

Library Values

Service, Hospitality, Collaboration, Excellence, Adaptability, Inquiry, Christ-likeness