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Library Employment

Westmont Library Employment Opportunities

We currently have two openings for full-time librarian positions. Visit the Human Resources Website for detailed information on current job openings, application processes, and hiring policies.

Student Worker Positions in the Library

Voskuyl Library employs student workers in part-time positions, including work-study positions, assisting in a variety of library tasks. Students should apply through the Office of Life Planning. You may complete the online form included in the job description. Thier office is located on the 3rd floor of the library building. You may complete the online form included in the job description.

Student employees are vital in meeting the Library goals and objectives to provide a wide variety of services to the Westmont community of scholars and beyond. Voskuyl library employs approximately 35 students throughout the fall, spring, and May term sessions as well as summer. Hourly and work study students primarily make up the work force during the fall and spring semesters. Hourly students are employed during the May term session and summer. Students are involved in every aspect of providing Library services in the Roger John Voskuyl Library. Duties vary from access services assistance, technical processing to peer research assistance.